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Rehoboth Properties Limited 's Knightsbridge and Palm Gated Community Developments has become the first and second Residential development to achieve EDGE Certification in Ghana. EDGE which stands for Excellence in Design For Greater Efficiences is an innovation of the IFC (International Financial Corporation) , a member of the World Bank Group. EDGE certifies resource-efficient and Zero Carbon buildings

Rehoboth Properties Limited (RPL) is partnering with IFC on accelerating the adoption of green building practices through the promotion of voluntary green building certification programs based on the EDGE (“Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies”) software, standard, and certification system. As a leader in the Real Estate Sector in Ghana, there is no doubt that Rehoboth Properties Ltd cares about the environment and has to contribute in helping reduce carbon footprints in Ghana to provide a more sustainable environment. In light of this, RPL and the International Financial Corporation (IFC) are establishing a framework for greater collaboration in pursuit of their shared aspirations to move the property industry on to a lower-carbon, more resource-efficient path.

To this end, RPL is committing to catalyze and has already completed two EDGE certifications in the first year of this announcement, notably for Rehoboth Knightsbridge and Rehoboth Palm. These green certified large scale developments, currently accounts for more than 80% of the volume of RPL’s projects during the first year.

Rehoboth Properties views EDGE as a leading benchmark for sustainability that will shape and grow demand for sustainable housing communities in emerging markets. Additionally, living in an EDGE-certified home comes with great benefits for both developers and homeowners. Homeowners and their family are able to benefit from significant savings in utility costs. To further the sustainability paradigm, RPL will promote sustainable design practices, and with IFC jointly present the benefits of using the EDGE software, standard, and certification system at mutually agreed conferences, seminars, and other events, and through papers, articles, or research.

IFC will also provide RPL with an education session on the principles and applications of the EDGE software, standard, and certification system.

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