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Access to Accomodation for public sector workers difficult due to low earnings- Rehoboth CEO

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Only 51 Parliamentary staffers acquired our houses- Rehoboth Properties CEO.

Reduce import taxes on building materials.

Government must assist private companies

CEO of Rehoboth Properties Ltd., Gideon Alike Akrofi, has lamented that the inability of ppublic sector workers to afford housing facilities in the country.

He stated that government policies have not made room for most public sector workers to afford homes in the country.

Speaking at the grand opening of the Knightsbridge Luxurious Affordable Housing in Kwabenya on Saturday, April 24, 2022 the CEO said "Currently only about 71 Public sector workers of which 51 are parliamentary staff have been able to secure a property at the Rehoboth Knightsbridge through the Ghana housing Fund under the Ministry of Finance."

"It is important to note that these 51 parliamentary staff could not have come on board without the support from the parliamentary service board. Though it is a step in the right direction a re-look of government reconsideration or financing schemes that will enable private and public sector workers get access to affordable housing is very essential"

He further called on government to institute policies that will push the affordable housing agenda in the country whiles calling for partnership between private and public sector companies in addressing the housing deficit in Ghana.

"To Make housing more affordable, we call on government to assist local private companies as it is being for foreign companies such as import tax waivers on building materials, etc This will compensate for high increments arising from the volatility of the dollar and enhance affordability thereby bridging the gap in the housing industry"

"To solve this problem, a sheer responsibility in the provision of affordable housing must be the way forward, effective public and private sector partnership will yield remarkable results in the housing industry."

"Government must put in place the necessary legislation and tax incentive schemes to put private sector builders in a comfortable position to construct more affordable homs to bridge the gap in the 2 million deficit," he added

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