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At Rehoboth Properties , we believe everyone needs a home – one which is safe, secure and allows its inhabitants to enjoy family life, privacy and to develop their personal identity. Housing is central to every aspect of well being from health to educational attainment, a sense of community and happiness. 

We also believe everyone has the right to adequate housing and that housing is part of the basic rights of all individuals. A wide variety of organisation and public bodies have recognized the impact that housing has on our lives and the role of Real Estate developers in meeting such need. 


In a bid to ensure and increase accessibility to housing, Rehoboth Partners with Ghana's Largest Bank Ecobank to provide mortgages at single digit interest rate. At Just 9.99% , you are not likely to find any rate lower than this on the market. The rate truly represents a revolutionary achievement between Two Giants in their  respective industries i.e Real Estate and Banking.

With such low rate we believe ,  we believe will allow many individuals  who would have been deprived of housing due to affordability constraints to jump on the property ladder. 

To obtain a mortgage for our properties, all you need to do is get in touch with us and we will assist you.

Mortgage Partner


Interest Rate : 9.99%

Term : 10 Years

Diaspora Mortgage

Minimum Deposit :35%

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